The Ultimate Winter Coat Guide 4 Women

Yes, it is FINALLY time to start wearing some winter coats. The weather has officially dipped into freezing temps and although I hate being cold, I do love a great winter coat. It may be safe to say that I have a slight obsession actually. I’ve got some really fun ones like my faux fur leopard and hunter green one, to classics like a black wool trench and camel basics. But I also seem to have just about everything in between like tartan for the holidays, cobalt blue for a pop of color and more. Ironic that I have so many and live in the south. But honestly, it gets COLD!

Either way, I like to have options, regardless. Anyone else like that? I’m pretty sure it’s why I own 20 different white tees….But having a great selection of coats can be nice too as it helps to make feel dreary weather feel a little more exciting when you can throw on a fun coat. There are definitely essentials I think everyone should own like a good down coat for those very very cold days. And also a great coat to wear with nicer outfits and to the office. From there, you can add in additional jackets that are fun and colorful or printed to mix things up.

Ultimate Winter Coat Guide: The Best Coats For Winter

If you’re in need of some new winter coats, here is your ultimate guide to winter coats. Stay warm and stylish this season in these great coats for any occasion or weather

What coat is the warmest in winter? The Parka

Another essential, especially for that in-between cold as hell and just cold temperature, is a great parka. Traditionally, a parka is great for being water-resistant (I doubt my H&M is, but whatever), includes a hood and often times faux fur. They’re fantastic for that in-between weather in the winter time. I also think they’re usually pretty flattering as they typically cinch at the waist.

Winter Coat Natural Real Fox fur Jacket

This the best women’s coats in 2022 and exist in several colors.

A Puffy Coat

A puffy coat to me is an ABSOLUTE must. They’re warm and toasty and oh so comfy. I live in my J.Crew puffer that I bought YEARS ago (this is the new updated version). Best investment ever. I wear it non-stop throughout the winter to walk Pork. And it’s my go-to jacket anytime I head up north to colder temps. I highly recommend investing in a good quality puffer that can withstand wind and keep you warm. If you go cheaper, you may not be as warm!

But for some more fun and fashion-forward ones, there are tons of affordable options that can help make your winter blues feel more exciting. This gold puffer from H&M is so fun and cozy. I love the oversized fit. You can also check out my Everlane puffy coat here that’s sustainable and warm!

A Favorite Color Or Print

For this category, it doesn’t matter WHAT color you choose or WHICH print. But I think it’s fun to invest in a coat in your personal favorite color. Why? Well, it likely won’t be something you get sick of if it’s in a color you love and have in your wardrobe. For me that’s usually hunter green, navy or blush. But when it comes to a print, leopard always wins. It compliments a lot of my closet and is a safe color for me to purchase.

Right now I’m very into mustard and golds so this coat is calling my name. I’d stay away from a color that’s trending that you only like because it’s well, trendy. I’ve made that mistake before and those coats never lasted more than a season. A few classic colors that look great in the winter is red (seriously can not go wrong with a red coat) or cobalt blue. They’re just really great pops of colors that work for winter.

Menswear Coat

A good menswear coat is usually double-breasted and in some sort of a plaid. Doesn’t always have to be double-breasted, but usually, it feels like a coat a women would wear to the office, you feel me? I love them. I think the juxtaposition of them with a feminine outfit is great. Or they lend a feminine vibe to a casual look like jeans sneakers and a sweater. It’s a very street style chic vibe if you ask me. These are great to be worn on the weekend or even over your outfit to head into the office.

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